I know what you are thinking. Why should a lawyer use Twitter? Isn’t it for little kids and teenagers? Celebrities and sports teams? Twitter is actually a great place for law firms and lawyers to demonstrate their credibility and attract new clients. Websites are a must in order to market one’s law firm, however, connecting with people through social networking allows lawyers to market their personality which makes a difference when a potential client is comparing you to another lawyer. How do 140-character posts help? Believe it or not, there are more than a dozen advantages of Twitter that attorneys can use. See below:

1. Increase Traffic To Your Website

Putting up eye-catching information on your Twitter page will increase traffic and keep visitors interested. Put part of the page in a Twitter post and attach a link that will lead Twitter followers to your website for more information.

2. Endorse An Event or Conference

Twitter is a great place to make announcements and promote events. Post about a new event or conference and it will attract more attendees than expected.  This is especially important for lawyers if you will be presenting at the event.

3. Check out News Websites and Tweet Stories Related To Your Field With Opinions

Profile pages on Twitter allow individuals check out their posts. News links to websites discussing stories in your field will give potential clients insight to your personality and beliefs

4. Disseminate New Information about the Law Firm

Twitter is a great place to make new announcements about the law firm. Also, it can be home to news press releases. Type a short description or headline in the character post. Be sure to include a link to the full release.

5. Build or Improve the Business

Build positivity and a great image for the law firm. This will assure potential clients that the company is experienced and knowledgeable. Be sure to know what to post before posting. Think before you type!

6. Network with Other Professionals

Build new relationships through Twitter with other law firms and business professionals. New contacts after a meeting, discussion, or announcement are great for improved networking as a useful business strategy.


7. Keep Up with Updates at Your Local Court

Some courts have their own social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook. Keep up with any news updates by following or liking their page.  Retweet the updates from the courts.

8. Attract New Clients

People looking for certified, experienced lawyers will want to search online. Twitter is a great place to show off your knowledgeable of specific topics.

9. Find Experts for Court

Twitter may be a good place to start looking for experts. Businesses use social networking too, and finding an expert for a case is very useful for lawyers.  Many expert witnesses have twitter accounts. This will allow you to do your own research.

10. Post to Other Social Networking Websites

Twitter isn’t the only social networking site for people who want to promote themselves. Link Twitter to your Google+ and Facebook accounts so every time you send a tweet out, it will automatically post to your other accounts.

11. Follow News from Government Agencies

Government agencies now have social networking sites. Follow congressmen and congresswomen’s profiles on Twitter for any news updates.

12. Bring Media Attention

Journalists and reporters like to scout social networking sites for sources and ask for interviews. Your twitter account can help you build your own personal brand along with your law firm’s brand.

13. Find out The Status of an Event

Using hashtags can help you keep up with how an event is going. A hashtag is when you type a pound sign and a word. For example, if there is an American Law conference and you want to keep up with what is going on, type “#americanlaw” and you can find out status updates.

14. Answer Questions Publicly

Twitter is a great place to allow people to ask questions and receive answers. Also, find out what fellow lawyers are saying.

15. Monitor Reviews of Clients

Find out the opinions of current and past clients. Read the reviews to see how to improve client services.