According to an announcement made by search engine giant, Google, in 2015, mobile usage in the form of internet browsing has exceeded that of traditional desktop usage. It is estimated that 75% of users within the United States search for businesses through their smartphone. This means that today’s businesses need to make sure their mobile presence is top-notch with click through contact buttons, a mobile friendly website, and the ability to track marketing efforts from mobile traffic. Mobile marketing is the wave of the future, here are three benefits of embracing it right now.

Easier Access to Decision Makers

Mobile searches and buying isn’t reserved to the youth of today. Busy business owners are finding that it is easier and faster than ever to search information and make purchases directly through their mobile device. As such, having a mobile ready platform means that you can get your business in front of decision makers easier and faster. The simple truth is that not enough businesses have jumped on board with mobile tactics giving those that do a competitive edge.

Better Marketing Metrics

Determining return on investment can be complicated in the digital age. For the last decade, businesses have focused on building their brand through a website and social media, now they have to add mobile marketing into the mix. Businesses who do provide consumers with a mobile experience see higher overall rankings, more mobile site traffic, and a decrease in their bounce rate. Mobile marketing is quickly becoming an essential part of any digital marketing platform plan for businesses.

By using location based service tags and offering click through contact options, businesses can put consumers in touch with their business quickly. In the need-it-now world that we live in, this is a vital component of success. This added option for generating traffic adds little cost to the overall marketing budget but can have a substantial return on investment, therefore making it essential to get started on it, right now.

Increased Customer Engagement

Over the last few years, many websites have seen an increase in their bounce rate. This is the number of site visitors that enter the website only to quickly exit. Some marketers attribute this to the rise of mobile site access. If your website is not mobile friendly or doesn’t offer the best experience for customers, then you can assume that they are going to exit quickly for a mobile site that offers this experience. Optimizing your website for mobile use can be done quickly and easily with your developer. It creates a streamlined version of the site that is easy to navigate on a mobile device and easy to read. Consumer engagement has never been so important. A Google study revealed that 48% of consumers find it agitating when they cannot access a site from their mobile browser. Meanwhile, 52% claimed they are not likely to engage with a company that is not mobile friendly. Once again, this means that mobile optimization is essential for marketers today.