The vast world of internet marketing is always changing. As such, companies are constantly trying to find the balance between getting the fast results they want, and weathering the changes made by search engines like Google. Most recently, the Google+ platform used by businesses underwent a redesign. At first glance, it doesn’t look much different. Mostly, it is just less cluttered. But there are several features missing including followers, the toggle option between posts and company information, and most importantly the ability to view and leave reviews by your customers. Here are three things you should know about this update and how it impacts your SEO efforts.

SEO Results Aren’t Impacted by Local Page Changes

The biggest concern for businesses who have worked diligently to improve their local rankings is that they will fall without local pages being part of Google+. SEO experts like Greg Gifford have stated that these changes should not have any impact on business rankings. With local pages removed, several features have also been removed including profile pictures, posts, followers/following option, and company reviews.

Reviews Are Still Available

The consumer driven world is always looking for feedback from other users of a company. As such, reviews are essential with online marketing. Changes within Google have eliminated the ability for consumers to quickly and easily leave reviews. Additionally, the pop-up option for leaving a review is now less effective because users either need to be on a desktop or signed in to Google in order to leave those reviews. The good news is that launched a tool for every business – Review Link Generator.

Review Link Generator is fairly easy to use. Marketers will visit the site and enter their business name with zip code. From there, the site will pull up local Google listings and prompt you to select the correct one. Next, links will be generated for different platforms such as the Android Maps App, Apple Maps App, Google Maps in browser, and Google search results. These links can be added to different listings, emails, and even your website as a way for customers to leave their reviews and comments.

Marketing Changes Need to Be Made Now

According to Andrew Shotland of Local SEO Guide, small businesses are going to face the biggest impact from these changes. These entities might feel like they have wasted time and effort in building their local presence online, only to have it stripped away by Google changes. Small businesses, unfortunately, simply need to adapt to the changes – and quickly. Utilizing the Review Link Generator program will allow them to keep the momentum going in terms of consumer presence. The next step will be to start capitalizing on Google local searches and mobile friendly sites for easier access to their customer base. Getting started now will mean less loss in their original efforts, and a better future surviving SEO online.