Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is one of the most valuable forms of generating leads in today’s search-based industry. This form of advertising has been dominated by big companies with big pockets for years, but that is about to change. In 2016, the way of PPC will be targeted for the small to medium businesses. With a variety of new trends in play, there are four that stick out as essential for your marketing.

Informative Advertising

During the rise of PPC ads, it was deemed necessary to provide a catchy slogan in two sentences as a way to connect with searchers and get them to act. Now, consumers are looking for short, sweet, and informative. Studies have shown that targeted customers are more likely to click on an ad that provides basic necessary information about a business including services, phone number, hours of operation, and the business name with tagline/specialty.

Mobile Advertising Simplified

With nearly 70% of people performing searches on their mobile phone or tablet, the importance of mobile advertising has never been more important. In line with streamlining the ad message, mobile ads should also be simplified. According to industry research, mobile ads that implemented click-to-call saw 6% to 8% increases in their lead generation efforts.

Introducing Video Campaigns

Google will be integrating its video advertising program – TimeView – with AdWords in 2016. Video advertisements have already found success on platforms like YouTube, but the search engine giant wants to take it to the big leagues. The start of this year is the best time to start utilizing these short 5 to 15-second ads for lead generation. By the close of the year, it is likely that their popularity will explode.

BingAds Take Over

Just as businesses are getting a handle on the latest changes to AdWord’s, a new contender is looking to take over the scene. As the popularity of Bing search engine have grown, so has the success of its BingAds program. Marketing experts predict that the development of personality personas for advertisers through BingAds will cause the platform to excel past its Google counterpart.

How to Implement These Trends

Fine-tuning pay per click campaigns is a natural part of increasing ROI on marketing efforts. To start, focusing on the new simplified style which is preferred by searchers is crucial. Target the local customer base by providing location-based keywords in the title such as “Smith Law – Albany, NY” instead of focusing on the type of law. In the body of the ad, indicate leading specialties that generate the most search results for your area. The last line should consist of basic information and include a click-through to the website, automatic calling, and the ability to get directions.

In 2016, the PPC experience is about convenience for consumers. These individuals are more likely to act when they find all necessary information readily available in their search ads. The no-sales approach to marketing gives consumers a reason to trust you and feel unpressured by choosing to click through to your company. With the right information in play, the dynamic customer experience that leads to a trusting client can start with your PPC ad.