With an estimated 70% of consumers using mobile devices to perform searches on the go, mobile advertising leads can be the greatest asset to any business. Maximizing the results of this traffic can rapidly increase ROI while decreasing the cost per lead. These six ways to take advantage of mobile search ads and call leads may help your business grow in 2016.

  1. Only Offer One Call to Action: Forget about inviting customers to visit your website, send an email, or like you on Facebook. The best way to take advantage of mobile searches is by giving users one option – call. Two things happen when click to call is implemented. First, consumers have your number easy to dial at their fingertips. Second, they are able to quickly save the number after dialing for future use.
  2. Infiltrate Local Mobile Apps: Consumers are more likely to use applications designed to identify local businesses than search engines whenever possible. Make sure your business is listed with these for easier access to busy could-be customers. Even large businesses with multiple locations can use these to target customers in one specific location.
  3. Use Google’s “Nearby” Format: The increase in business from Google’s new “nearby” format has been unprecedented. This feature allows businesses to be listed based on location to increase their search rankings. The listing also gives searchers direct one-click access to call, visit the website, or get directions to the location.
  4. Increase Google Reviews: One component of location-based services is Google reviews. Invite customers to review through Google so that your future customers are able to quickly see ratings and reviews when searching.
  5. Tell Customers You are Local, Too: Digital assistants like Siri and Cortana focus results on those that are nearby the consumer. The availability of voice searches for “nearby” businesses has been integrated into both AIs over the last year. Tell consumers your business is also local by using location-based terms in advertisements. Go beyond just using the state or even city, include the street name and be sure that the content of your ad mentions the city/town. Local business is one the rise as many consumers feel more confident and trusting in local business owners.
  6. Integrate Call Tracking: Find out where leads are coming from through the use of call tracking. This analytical approach to mobile advertising will help businesses fine tune their ad experience. Numbers regarding frequency of calls and most common call times will allow the ad campaign to be specifically targeted to those periods when consumer searches are most likely to be fruitful.

The use of mobile devices will only increase over the next few years. As phones and tablets are able to do more, consumers are moving away from using a traditional personal computer. Businesses need to make the change the vibrant, simplified mobile advertising to stay ahead of the game. These methods for taking advantage of the trends in mobile search ads will provide businesses with the necessary information to create a more profitable and targeted advertising campaign, no matter where they are.