SEO For Lawyers In Atlanta

Just having a law firm website will not get you clients. Your website also needs to show up when people search for a legal firm in Atlanta. Direct Law Strategies, an iHyper Holdings Company, focuses on SEO for Lawyers in Atlanta and all over the US.


Direct Law Strategies offers great SEO and PPC advertising services for lawyers in Atlanta. Our SEO campaigns will drive targeted traffic to your law firm website and help you generate more clients and leads.


SEO services for lawyers

Search Engine Optimization is a technique that websites employ to enhance their position in search results. It is aimed at driving targeted traffic to a website.


We conduct extensive research to identify keywords that will attract the most targeted traffic to your site. We then make the required changes to your site’s architecture and content to improve its rank in search results.


PPC Services for attorneys in Atlanta

SEO will not improve your site’s performance overnight. Even the most effective SEO campaign may take a few weeks to produce the desired results. If you want to find new clients now, you should consider Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising. A PPC campaign will position your legal practice site above your competition. And you don’t have to pay anything until someone clicks on your ad and visit your site.


PPC advertising delivers immediate results. You can control just about every aspect of your PPC campaign. For example, you can control your keywords, ad copy, budget, and audience. When your competitors take advantage of PPC to get clients, how can you ignore it?


A combination of the best services

Direct Law Strategies has been offering SEO and PPC advertising campaigns to law firms in Atlanta. We specialize in offering internet marketing services to lawyers. Exposure is required to build a competitive website. That means you have to go beyond your existing client base and target areas where you have hardly any presence at the moment. We believe that this will not be possible without a prominent placement in search results. Most law firms spend a lot of time and money on developing their website. But very few actually make an effort to promote their site.


Search engine optimization is a key component of all services we offer. Direct Law Strategies has more than ten years of experience in this field and has helped numerous clients get the top rankings in SERPs.

We are committed to helping lawyers increase their exposure and attract more clients. And we are better than any other firm offering lawyer SEO services in Atlanta. Our team implements SEO on two levels.


How we operate

First of all, we ensure that every page on your site accurately describes your content. We make suggestions that improve the internal linking architecture of your site. We rectify HTML errors and do everything else that will improve user experience.


Second, we will get high quality backlinks for your site. Your link popularity is the number one factor that determines your position in search results. Just having backlinks will not help your site. You need links from high quality sites. And attracting high quality links is the toughest part of SEO.


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