SEO for Lawyers in New Orleans

At Direct Law Strategies, an iHyper Holdings company, we focus on SEO for Lawyers in New Orleans and throughout the US. Over a span of ten years, we have helped countless legal practice websites rank high in search results. We perform keyword research, build links, and create unique content for your site.

Guaranteed results

We have been offering SEO services for lawyers in New Orleans for several years. Our team of SEO professionals is well aware of the way search engines work and rank websites. This knowledge helps us to design SEO campaigns that will actually get the desired results.

When you hire us, you can rest assured that your search rankings and traffic will increase within just three months. If it doesn’t happen, we will perform SEO for free until your rankings improve. That is our guarantee, and because of this, you can try our service without any risks.  And when you hire us, you are not bound by a contract. Our New Orleans SEO services include the following.

Competitive analysis

We compare your site to your competitors’ websites that rank well in search results. This helps us to find out what they are doing to rank well. Using this information we can design an SEO strategy that will help your site rank higher than your competitor.

Local SEO

In SERPs, local listings appear above organic search results. Our SEO specialists analyze all onsite and offsite factors that will improve your performance in local search results.

On page optimization

Search engines pay a great deal of importance to user experience. We ensure that your website structure and navigation improve the user experience. We pay a great deal of attention to onsite SEO. Our experts ensure that your New Orleans legal practice website loads faster. We also optimize your page URLs so that they include your most profitable keywords.

Content writing

If you have compelling content on your site, your visitors will stick around. This is necessary to convert visitors into clients. We ensure that your content provides useful information about your specialty and service. We improve your content with appropriate keywords. We can also create new content for your site.

Google Places

Google Places allow you to create a company profile that includes the URL of your website, phone number, address, business hours, and pictures. It will also show your location on Google Maps. By optimizing your website for Google Places listings, we can ensure that it will rank higher in search results. Potential clients can also read your customer reviews on Google Places.

Link building

Links play a crucial role in determining a site’s performance in search engines. We build quality backlinks for your business. We utilize our extensive network to build links for your site.

Google Analytics

We integrate your website with Google Analytics. Using Google Analytics, you can find a great deal of information about your visitors. For example, you can discover which pages are viewed the most by visitors. You will also be able to get valuable insights into your conversion rates.

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