SEO Service for Lawyers in Washington DC

If your legal practice website is not on the first page of the SERPs, you are unlikely to get any visitors from search engines because most searchers don’t bother to go beyond the first or second page of search results. This is where Direct Law Strategies, an iHyper Holdings company, can you help your law firm. Direct Law Strategies focuses on SEO for lawyers in Washington DC and other cities throughout the US.

The traffic that you get from search engines is free. Better still, it is highly targeted. People who visit your site after seeing your listing in search results are specifically looking for a legal firm in Washington DC.

It’s all about what your clients want

The number of people searching online for attorneys in Washington, DC has increased significantly. If your site is not visible in search results, you will lose their business. Before launching an online marketing strategy, you need to find out exactly what these customers are typing in to find a lawyer in Washington DC. That is the most important question you should ask before doing SEO for your site.

While designing an SEO campaign for our lawyer clients in Washington DC, we find out what sort of legal clients they are trying to attract. We perform a comprehensive keyword research to ensure that your site is optimized for highly profitable keywords that real customers type in when they look for a legal firm in Washington DC.

It doesn’t make sense to rank for keywords that nobody is typing in. So while optimizing your site for search engines, we ensure that we target a variety of popular keywords that have the potential to bring in a lot of visitors.

Not just rankings, but conversions

However, just having good rankings in search engines will not ensure your success. You should be able to convert your visitors into clients. This will not be possible without an aesthetically pleasing design and useful content. Your content should convince the visitor that you are an authority in your profession.

You will find plenty of companies offering SEO services. However, very few among them are actually geared towards specific professionals like lawyers. Make sure you hire experts that understand your business, such as Direct Law Strategies.

Google uses more than 200 factors to determine a site’s ranking in search results. While only Google insiders know all of these factors, through years of research and testing, we have discovered many of these factors that are important in ranking. And we have achieved tremendous success for our lawyer clients in all parts of the U.S.

Our SEO services for lawyers include

Keyword research: We use keyword databases and analytics to find the most profitable keywords for your business.

Onsite SEO: We ensure that your site’s structure and code are optimized for search engines.

Offsite SEO: Our SEO packages come with link building services.

Content strategy: We ensure that your site has unique content that will solve the problems of your visitors.

Website Analytics: We integrate Google analytics with your site. Using analytics you can discover a wealth of information about your visitors.

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