The LSA Insight Database has recently reported that ads with secondary call to action features achieved 2.5 times the response rate as ads with no action features. Google AdWords now offers a call-only type ad that can boost the traffic you see through your door, and for orders. Embedding a phone number is nothing new, but the call only ads are designed to take advantage of new technology in several of the high end phones.


The features of call only ads

Call-only type ads on Google AdWords have several features available that aren’t possible with the standard click-to-call add on. Call-only ads allow you to select numbers that will be displayed depending on the location of the viewer. You can share one number across several ads. Better still, you can program your call only ad to only allow for calls during your business hours. All of this combines to help you take advantage of what studies have shown how customer behavior online works.


How call-only ads boost business

What the LSA database showed is that providing a call-to-action increases conversion with viewers. They also found that with more people accessing mobile Internet, having a click to call feature in your ad is one of the best ways to increase contact. With the call-only ad type from Google AdWords, you can target your demographic more effectively, let them know when you are open, and get them through the door faster.


Making sure you stay focused on location

One thing that all businesses should note is that the call-only feature is most effective on ads that have a specific geographic location. In other words, if you do have a 24-hour call center, you won’t see the same gains from adding a call only feature to your ads as a business that is only open from 9 to 5 during the workweek. Call-only tends to be directional with your market. They want to click, call and talk to a real person during business hours. It usually precedes a brick and mortar visit.


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