When you need to create fresh content for your website, consider a short video. Visuals can make a good impact on your audience, as well as provide information they want and need. In addition, your short video will be easier to share on social media.

How Long Should You Make the Video?

When you make a short video, your information will need to be concise and to the point. People are busy and have short attention spans when they are looking for content. If the information isn’t found in a short period of time, sometimes only a few seconds, they will move onto another website.

Where you share your video will also help determine its length.  However, to give good information to your audience, a two to three minute video should be a good length for a law firm.

What Information Should Your Videos Convey?

 To best answer is to give your audience information specific to your firm. If you represent clients for DUIs, make a short video about the do’s and don’ts of when they are pulled over. If you take on personal injury cases, your video could be about what information they need to collect for their case. Give a brief run-down of pertinent information to your potential clients for the type of law your firm practices.

Where to Share Your Short Videos?

 Your website isn’t the only place you should consider placing your videos. If there is a Facebook page for your firm, you can post the video on your page. It can also be pinned onto your firm’s Pinterest site.

There are also several social media sites specifically for pictures and videos on which you can post them. You should consider having a Vine, Instagram and YouTube channel for your firm’s videos. Sharing your short videos on social media is easy to do and if your videos contain good content, they will probably be shared.

 Creating a short video is not very expensive and you can easily do so by using lawyers at your firm to present information. Use what you have already to create shareable short videos.