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Google’s Holy Grail – Top 3 Spots Is The New Page 1

ALL HAIL THE KING! ALL HAIL GOOGLE! According to Fortune, Google is the #1 company to work for and while this makes sense, Google…
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Right-Sided Ads Removed From Google’s Desktop Searches

With people losing their patience with the number of ads on search engines, Google has made the dramatic step of removing the ads…
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What are the Advantages of Google’s AMP?

Google recently launched their AMP program, with AMP standing for Accelerated Mobile Pages. This program helps create mobile websites that load in a…
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3 Things You Should Know About the Google+ Update and Google Review Links

The vast world of internet marketing is always changing. As such, companies are constantly trying to find the balance between getting the fast…
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3 Benefits of Embracing Mobile Marketing, NOW

According to an announcement made by search engine giant, Google, in 2015, mobile usage in the form of internet browsing has exceeded that…
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Optimizing Social Sites To Increase Search Rankings

The basic goal of having a strong online presence is to make it easier for people needing an attorney to find your firm’s…
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