Online Brand & Reputation Management

Brand_Management-460x320We Do Our Research Before We Decide To Manage A Firms Brand

Building a brand requires commitment and teamwork. We take a 360 image and ethics look at your firm to make sure branding success can happen.  After we determine you have a brand to build upon and we come to an agreement, we initiate the management and building of your firm’s brand.

How Will Direct Law Strategies Manage Your Brand?

We start by dissecting our 360 image and ethics law firm report we created.  This reports looks at the personality and experience of your managing partners, your law firms area of practice, what other firms with established brands are doing to maintain their brands, and what is the current perception of your firm’s brand. Our team will then meet with your management team and go over clear objectives we will aim for to determine the success of our branding campaign.  All successful campaigns start with a well thought out and researched plan of action.  All areas of your firm are managed to obtain the one common goal of increasing the firm’s brand.

Brand Management Expectations

It’s hard to show true results of a branding campaign in a short period of time.  We would hope our business relationship would last a long time as you start to see positive results.  We are committed to gaining our clients the best results possible and when it comes to branding we are equally successful as our clients.  In a true partnership success is shared between the two companies involved and this should be expected when we manage your law firms brand.

Patience is a virtue when it comes to managing your law firm’s brand, but all strategies we create come with measurable reports which allow us to track our success along the way to building your firm’s brand in the public eye or within your own industry.

We stay involved and engaged with our clients throughout the weeks and months while working together.

If you want a dedicated team with your firm’s best interest at heart, give us a call.  We are a full service firm, with a very personal & professional touch.