In an unexpected twist, Google has announced that they will be rolling out a new ranking algorithm that is designed specifically to boost ranking of mobile friendly sites on mobile devices. Everyone knew this was coming, but what makes the announcement so different is Google is rarely this transparent. They also rarely give warning about upcoming search engine algorithm changes. There is a reason for that announcement. First, you need to make sure your site is covered by using a mobile ranking checklist.


The 5 point mobile ranking checklist

Here is a 5 point checklist for what should be in your mobile site to increase its ranking potential with Google.

  1. Device detection
  2. Mobile grid layout
  3. Re-sizable media and low res images
  4. ALT text
  5. Mobile specific functionality

All of these represent what are considered to be the core components of a mobile site. The general features of a site also include a navigation design that is repeated, easily accessed with point interaction, and that also displays contact information prominently.


What is considered mobile specific functionality?

Mobile specific functionality is both the reason Google hasn’t rolled out this change yet, and the most important item on the checklist. While the company has been testing different markers with their algorithm, they haven’t yet determined how to specifically track and weigh mobile specific functionality. This functionality can include:

  • Click to call-to-action
  • GPS location
  • Media access permissions
  • Contact access permissions
  • Automatic updating and synching

The problem with determining what is the mobile specific functionality to track is that not all of them apply to all mobile sites. Some sites may not need updating or contact permissions, so making them a mandatory marker would push them to the bottom of the pile. Google is working with several industry insiders to help define a mobile ranking algorithm that works. They issued the “head’s up” in order to allow companies to prepare, and to increase the amount of feedback they get. Expect to see the rankings in action by the end of summer 2015.


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