Google – Twitter Deal: What Does It Mean To Your Business?

Google and Twitter have signed a deal that makes tweets more searchable. When tweets make it to search results, they will be visible to people who do not use Twitter. Twitter hopes that this deal will enhance its reach and increase revenue. The microblogging platform has been battling slow user growth for quite some time. Twitter now also provides content to Yahoo! and Bing.

What impact does this deal have on your law business?

Search marketers believe that this deal is important from an SEO perspective. Tweets that contain relevant keywords have the potential to bring visitors to your site. If your business mainly operates online, this deal can have a positive impact on your site. Every time Google shows your tweets in search results, you can expect more visitors and higher benefits.

Think before you tweet

This deal has some immediate implications for brands. If your social media strategy revolves around Facebook, now is the time to focus on Twitter as well. Now that tweets have the potential to make it to search results, a good Twitter content strategy will help your overall SEO efforts. At least those tweets will bring more visitors to your Twitter profile. That said, it is still unclear what impact this deal will have on off-Twitter SEO. But since this is a deal between two giants, it is safe to assume that it will create some SEO waves.

This deal also demands that you be a responsible tweeter. What you tweet on Twitter may be visible in search results almost immediately. It is therefore imperative that you exercise caution. Your tweets must not malign the reputation of your law firm. If you have people to post on behalf of your firm, make sure that you can trust them. You should establish clear guidelines regarding the voice and tone of your tweets. And while tweeting about touchy topics, try to maintain a neutral tone. Right now both Twitter and Google are working on implementing this deal. So don’t waste time. Get your brand ready for the change.

The bottom line

Online marketing is moving at the speed of light. Changes happen almost every day. The latest partnership between Google and Twitter is unarguably an important development in this space. This might be the right time to utilize this partnership for the benefit of your company. If you’re not already on Twitter, make sure you get started now.