ALL HAIL THE KING! ALL HAIL GOOGLE! According to Fortune, Google is the #1 company to work for and while this makes sense, Google is King for another reason in my opinion, and this reason has everything to do with the Google search engine where it all started.  There are just over 1.2 trillion Google searches a year, 3.5 billion Google searches a day, and 40,000 Google searches a second.  In my opinion this makes Google King, not necessarily to the average person, but definitely in the eyes of most business owners.  Google drives endless traffic to business websites all over the world on a daily basis. These consumers are making buying decisions based on the information they find from doing these searches and the benefactor of these buying decisions are the companies who have managed to position their websites at the top of Google’s search results on page 1, otherwise known as the “Holy Grail”!

Top 3 Is The New Page 1 

Making it to page 1 of a Google search is nice and as a business owner who has a website on page 1 of a keyword search that relates to the services your business offers, you should feel good about this, but it doesn’t mean your phone is ringing off the hook if at all.  The top 3 organic results on a Google results page are the new page 1 because if you really want to feel the difference Google can make in your business, you need to be in the top 3.  Here is a breakdown of the percentages of clicks a website gets based on being in the top 3 organic positions on a Google results page:

Organic Position #1 = 32% of clicks 

Organic Position #2 = 12% of clicks

Organic Position #3 = 9% of clicks 

The 10th and last organic position on a Google results page receives about 1% of the clicks. Remember, everyone who will click on your website will not even convert into a call, a chat or a form being filled out on your website. So, this is why being in the top 3 is key and ultimately where you want to see your website positioned to feel the positive force Google can have on your business.

Top 3 Reasons You Are Not In Google’s Top 3 or Top 10

#1 Reason – Backlink Portfolio 

Anyone who has ever hired a SEO company to work on your website has most likely heard the term backlinks.  Granted, you still may not be sure exactly what that means, but I assure you it is very relevant and extremely important when it comes to where your website ranks.  The short & skinny about a backlink is this: when a website, other than yours, has a button or a “link” on it someone can click and then get taken to your website, is a backlink.

All backlinks are not created equal unfortunately.  There was a time when Google credited website’s backlinks, also known as links, on a quantity over quality basis.  This has sense been reversed and now, Google is more interested in seeing quality links versus quantity of links. All websites are graded and scored by Google, and the value of a link in Google’s eyes has everything to do with the value of the website the link is coming from.  So, when I talk about your backlink portfolio, it is important to make sure the backlinks to your website carry good value.  Also, while a quality backlink can increase the rankings and strength of your website in Google’s eyes, all the low valued links to your site can also weigh down the value of your website in Google’s eyes.

What are you going to do about all the bad links your website has? 

If you are concerned or curious about your backlink portfolio you should hire a SEO company to audit your portfolio of links and disavow all the links with low scores that are holding back your website from ranking higher than it currently is on specific Google search results.

While your low authority links are being disavowed, you should have a team of SEO experts acquiring new quality links for your website’s backlink portfolio. The combination of these two services will boost your websites authority score with Google, which in turn helps your website climb the rankings.

#2 Reason – Content Creation 

While I call Google King, in the eyes of many who stay up to date on Google’s best practices, content is also considered the king.  Google has one goal with the search results it delivers to its users and that goal is satisfaction and a great user experience.  With that said, if a consumer does a search for a car accident lawyer and Google delivers them results full of employment lawyers, the user experience was not good at all.  So, Google keeps track of all the content you are posting on your website, and the more content you have about a specific subject, the more credit and authority Google is going to give you with respect to searches based on the specific subject of your content.

If you want to rank high for a search about wrongful termination, you want to have more than one page of content about wrongful termination.  There are many reasons for wrongful termination.  Some examples are: gender, pregnancy, age, race, disability, marital status and more, but most law firms on their websites, will have one page that talks about wrongful termination with the above reasons mentioned in simple bullet points. Each of these bullet points should have their own page. Then when you are talking about disability discrimination, there are a number of different types of disability discrimination. Each different type of disability discrimination in the workplace should have its own page too.  If you are thinking this is a lot of content and a lot of writing, you are Correct! But if you want to be at the top of a Google search, you must appear to be a dominate authority on the subject matter you want to rank for on specific searches.

Paperback Versus Hardback – Google Takes No Shortcuts 

Google doesn’t believe in shortcuts and is not a fan of cliff notes in my opinion. If you have to write a very detailed research paper on a specific subject, you will want the most information you can find on the given subject.  While you may not use all the information you find, it will still be better to have the most available.  Here’s an example: If I am going to write a paper on earthquakes and I walk into the bookstore, which is a stretch but there are still a couple left, and find myself in the section on earthquakes I will see a lot of books.  There will be paperback books and hardback books.  Now I have found myself looking at a paperback book on earthquakes with 42 pages in it, but then I see another book, which is a hardback with 200 pages on earthquakes.  The hardback book based on its number of pages has a lot more to say about earthquakes so I am giving this book more credit aka authority in my eyes on the subject of earthquakes.

Google does the same thing with websites. Google crawls websites everyday so their search engine keeps up with the changes you are making to your website. So, when someone does a search on earthquakes, the website with only 40 pages versus the website with 200 pages talking about earthquakes, will  not rank higher than the website with 200 pages if all things are equal.

#3 Reason – Your Website Architecture Is Out Of Whack 

This is the most complicated reason and also one of the most important reasons your website may not be ranking high on Google searches. Unfortunately, this is not something you can look at your website on your own and determine, but we would gladly do this for you at no cost, simply go to our FREE SEO Analysis page and fill out the little form and we will do the check for you at no cost.

If you are familiar with how to do such a search on your own, these are the things you want to look out for:

  • Establish a good hierarchy
  • Design URL structures that are consistent with your navigation
  • Create Meta Titles for all pages
  • Have H1 & H2 titles on your pages including the focused keyword for the given page
  • Include keywords in all meta descriptions of each page
  • Create a short navigation structure
  • Submit a site map for your website to all search engines
  • Have all your main pages in navigation
  • Build out a lot of internal links throughout your website

A lot of the work that needs to be done is not simple or easy, but in Google’s eyes this is the point.  It takes a lot of hard work to get your website to rank where it will deliver calls, leads and new businesses and cases to your company or law firm. There are list with over 100 factors Google looks at when deciding who will rank where, but in my experience over the past 19 years I have been in this industry, the three I have written about in this blog are going to be the best place to start because they carry the most weight in Google’s eyes. Good luck!