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Hernia Mesh Lawsuit – Information For Lawyers & Potential Clients

There are a few manufacturers of hernia mesh currently dealing with lawsuits because there have been complications with patients of their hernia mesh product while being used in medical procedures.  The lawsuits of against these manufacturers are alleging defective and dangerous designs were used for these products. Some of these manufacturers and their products are listed below:

  • Atrium – Manufacturer of C-Qur Mesh
  • Johnson & Johnson – Manufacturer of Ethicon Physiomesh Flexible Composite

What is the Issue With Hernia Mesh?

Hernia mesh is a product used by surgeons who are repairing abdominal hernia’s which are very common surgeries within the USA. The hernia mesh has been used as an implant for years with patients during this surgical repair. Most of the meshes over the years have been made with polypropylene which is no longer the case due to the damage and side effects it was causing people after their surgeries. So, companies started coating the polypropylene under the belief it would not cause harm or damage to the patients it was being implanted inside. This has not been the case. Patients are still having problems and these problems are why lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturers listed above.


Have There Been Any Settlements For Lawsuits Filed?

As of June 2017, there have been many lawsuits filed but no settlements have been reported.  Lawsuits have been filed in federal courts in Massachusetts, Florida & Illinois. There have been many more lawsuits filed across the US.


Should I Talk To A Lawyer

If you or someone you know had a Hernia Repair and they are experiencing pain or some sort of complication after their surgery they should speak to a lawyer right away.

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