In 2014, there was a 75% increase in the number of video clips posted on Facebook. In addition, the number of videos shown in Facebook’s newsfeed increased by 360%. These percentages are mind boggling and clearly show that Facebook has become one of the most significant players in the online video space. Facebook users watch over a billion video clips every day. Facebook is also replacing YouTube as the best place for advertisers to publish their videos. According to the figures released by ComScore, Facebook surpassed YouTube in video views on desktop in October 2014.

Last week, Facebook shared some more details. In their blog post, Facebook revealed that compared to the last year, there was a 94% increase in the number of video clips being posted on their site by users in the US. This can probably be attributed to the huge popularity of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The growing popularity of Facebook videos presents several opportunities for marketers. By taking advantage of this platform, they can reach more targeted customers.

Facebook recently tweaked its newsfeed algorithm to give preference to videos. If these figures are anything to go by, they clearly indicate that the adjustments are working. After the update, the number of videos in user feeds has increased by 360%. Facebook has also claimed that more than half of its users watch at least one video clip daily.

So what can the marketers do to increase the reach of their Facebook videos?

Relevancy matters

Post compelling, shareable, and unique video clips. Videos in newsfeeds will appear next to a status update or a photo posted by a relative or a friend. If the video does not fit in there, people will not watch or share them.

Take advantage of Auto play

Facebook recently launched Auto play. This feature allows videos to play silently until the user clicks on them to hear the sound. If your videos are compelling enough to grab attention without sound, they will do incredibly well. The surge in smartphone use is another factor that marketers cannot ignore. A large number of users now access Facebook on their phones. So the videos that you post should be able to grab attention from the very first frame. Shorter videos work well in newsfeeds.

Facebook videos have numerous SEO benefits as well – when you tag Facebook videos, they will show up on your friends’ Facebook pages.

Also, Facebook videos have better chances of going viral than YouTube videos because users can share them with a simple ‘like’. When a user likes a video, it will appear in their friends’ newsfeeds. This makes sharing easier.

In addition, you can embed Facebook videos on blogs and websites, which increases their visibility.