There have been a lot of discussions about paid and earned links, but many law firms still do not understand how these links will help their marketing campaigns.

Most brands understand the importance of content. Both big and small companies are creating engaging and useful content with the objective of attracting more customers. What steps is your law firm taking? Here are the two types of links that can help you.

Earned links vs. paid links

If you bought a link by paying for it, it is a paid link. Paid links do not include links from directories. Online marketing campaigns like PPC campaigns and banner ads also do not come within the purview of paid links. Google does not favor paid links. In fact, websites that buy links to increase their search rankings often get penalized. Earned links carry more weightage than bought links because it is not easy to obtain them.

Here is a comparative analysis of paid links and earned links.

Bought Links

Links play a crucial role in determining a law firm’s position in search results. Webmasters often buy links to improve their position in SERPs. Google does not promote this practice, but countless law websites still buy links. If you are buying links, make sure that they are of high quality. Links from bad sites can seriously affect your reputation and get your website penalized by Google.

As far as possible, try not to buy links to improve your search rankings. If you must buy links, make sure that they are for driving traffic to your website. This can be accomplished by adding the ‘No Follow’ attribute to the link.

If you can buy links from respected sites, they will definitely improve your rankings. Keep in mind that when it comes to links, quality is what matters. Try to obtain links from websites that are already performing well in search results.

If you are looking to buy links, you should perhaps consider text link brokers. They connect webmasters who want to buy links with webmasters who sell links. Most of these links have to be reviewed on a monthly basis.

Earned Links

Earned links enjoy more credibility than bought links. It is not easy to obtain them. Webmasters place these links on their websites on their own accord. If you have a quality website, you will accumulate a large number of earned links over time.


Both paid and earned links will improve your search rankings if you manage to obtain them from high quality websites.