Have you been noticing a drop in organic traffic? Perhaps your law firm’s website has been hit by the Panda update. Google’s most recent Panda update has the potential to banish your entire website from search results. Google Panda updates are meant to remove defunct or bogus sites from its search results. Unfortunately, sometimes genuine sites also get hit.

Why does this happen?

Panda rewards quality. So, if you consistently post quality content on your site, you are unlikely to be hit. However, if you had old or poor content on your site, you’ll certainly notice some negative changes. Here are some tips to Panda proof your site. If your law firm website has already been hit by a Panda update, these tips may help you recover.

Create unique content

Rewrites will no longer help your site. You should produce fresh, original content that differentiates your website from your competitors’. Copied content is not just illegal, but it will also penalize your website on Google SERPs.

Remove duplicate content

If your site has duplicate content, you should remove it. You also need to ensure that your pages are free of grammatical and spelling errors.

Create authoritative content

Apart from being unique, your content should also be informative and reliable. Build authority by consistently offering great insight and information. Remember that with Panda updates, Google is targeting spammy websites that do not provide any value.

Websites with poor quality content have an increased risk of getting hit by Panda. To produce great content, you will have to hire talented writers. Good writers aren’t cheap but if you try to save money with poor quality content, you will invariably lose your first page position in SERPs. The loss of revenue will be much higher than the amount of money you save.

On the internet, content is king. Sites that have high quality content do not have to be afraid of Panda. So review your content. If you feel that it is not up to the standard, you should get it rewritten by a professional writer. Even if you feel that your content is okay, you should get it reviewed by someone who is not associated with your business. An independent reviewer will be able to provide impartial advice that will help your business. There are a Lot of companies offer website and content creation services. They will help you create content that meets Google’s standard for high quality.