There are a lot of social platforms that you can use to promote your law firm, but one of the most overlooked platforms is SlideShare. It is used mainly by businesses and professionals who are on LinkedIn to show presentations, share videos or webinars. There are several ways your law firm can take advantage of this platform to help promote your firm’s services.

Why Use SlideShare?

One of the main reasons to use SlideShare is traffic. This platform receives 60 million unique visitors per month with about 215 million page views. While there isn’t a lack of content, your law firm could generate page views with well designed, useful content. By doing so, your slides, videos or presentations could also generate shares.

Just the Facts

One great way to use SlideShare is to post presentations on LinkedIn giving potential clients information about your firm’s services. Lists are always a good way to present information, so slides or videos could present lists of the types of law your firm practices. Lists could also present information about what is needed from clients for their cases.

Optimize Your Content

As always, it is important to use keywords to help rank higher on search engine pages. Add appropriate keywords to your slides, captions on images, in tags and in the titles of your presentations. It will help make your content easier to find and potentially help increase your number of clients.

Share Information with SlideShare

When you post presentations, you can use them to post links to other information that clients or other lawyers may find useful or interesting. The link could lead to a page on a white paper you have posted on your website or it may link to additional information about your firm. It is a good way for viewers to find information that pertains to their situation.

With SlideShare, you can create well-designed presentations with content that is optimized for your audience. Along with generating attention from other attorneys and potential clients, your presentations could also generate attention from SlideShare and you could have a presentation featured on their homepage.