YouTube has launched a new feature called Interactive Cards. Marketers can use these cards to make their videos more interactive. It’s a great new feature and YouTube says that they are planning to replace traditional annotations with these cards.

Interactive cards have several advantages over annotations.

They can suit your specific needs

Law firms that promote their service through YouTube videos can choose any of the 5 types of cards.


Marketers can use their merchandise card to promote their licensed merchandise directly from the video. This card will display a high-level URL and marketers can choose from a select list of approved URLs.

Associated Website

Using this card, you can link to your associated law firm website straight from your videos. If you have already linked your website to your YouTube channel, you can use this card to send visitors back to your homepage.

Video or Playlist card

These cards will link viewers to a specific YouTube video or a playlist created by you. They lead viewers to other videos which may be interesting to them. They will also increase the amount of time that users spend watching your channel.

Fan funding cards

Yes, there are “fan funding” and “fundraising cards” as well. YouTube cards allow law firms to include extra calls to action. They enhance engagement and may also increase click through rates.

How to measure the effectiveness of YouTube cards

Marketers can measure the performance of their cards through the ‘Cards’ report in the YouTube Analytics dashboard. Open Analytics and you will find ‘Cards’ under the ‘Engagement Reports’ options.

Here are the important stats you need to track

1. Card teaser rate – This shows the average number of teaser clicks/impression.

2. Card teaser clicks – This shows how many times your viewers clicked on your teaser text.

3. Card click rate – This is the average number of card clicks/impression.

4. Card clicks – This shows how many times the card was clicked on.

Cards are like an evolved form of annotations. And they work on mobile as well, so if a prospective client lands on your YouTube channel through his mobile, he will be able to learn more about your services through these cards.

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