LinkedIn has added a customized search functionality that allows users to find people, posts, and jobs faster and easier.

LinkedIn has over 330 million profiles, 3 million companies, 2 million jobs, and almost 20 million member posts and SlideShares. Obviously, it needs a robust search functionality that will allow users to find what they want in a matter of seconds.

If you spend a great deal of time on LinkedIn, you may have already noticed that they have made some changes to their search function. The new search function provides a more informative and faster user experience.

Personalized search

Search has become more personalized. Perhaps this is the most noticeable improvement brought about by the new search function. LinkedIn now tries to show results on the basis of your connections. This saves time. By taking advantage of a person’s connections, LinkedIn can also check misspellings. Even if you search a misspelled name, LinkedIn will be able to show the intended result. Let’s see how this happens.

We don’t always know exactly who we are searching for on LinkedIn. You may be interested in establishing connections with a person you met at a conference. You know their name but you are not sure how it is spelled. This is where the new search functionality can help. You may share groups, companies, or connections with that person. By leveraging your connections, LinkedIn can show results that will most probably include the person you are searching for.

The search functionality is now available to all users. Non-premium users will no longer have to guess last names. Now all users can see full names in search results. This works for keyword searches as well.

Advanced filtering options

The new search function supports advanced filtering options. Twitter and Facebook already support them. It is now possible to search for people, companies, jobs, groups, posts, and universities etc. You can also search your inbox. If you select the option ‘All’, LinkedIn will pull results from all of these places.

The post results are also customized on the basis of your connections. Relevant and recent posts are more likely to make it to the search results. Advanced filtering options allow you to search for posts by a specific user or posts published on a specific date.

In addition, you can search beyond your connections. Previously this feature was only available to premium members, but now regular users can also enjoy it.

Keyword Search

Searching through millions of people and jobs is a tough task. But now LinkedIn shows tailor-made results using the information you have already provided. For example, when a user searches for a job, LinkedIn will consider their past and present jobs to show results that may be most relevant to them.