Local SEO For Lawyers


Law Firms we work with often ask us what is the difference between Local SEO and regular SEO.  The difference is the map section you see after doing a search on Google.  This map will have up to seven results appearing with:

  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Google + Page Reviews
  • Website URL
  • Name of Law Firm/Office
  • Alphabetical Flag Showing Location On Map To The Right

Our clients always ask us how can they get listed in the map section and this requires a focused Local SEO campaign.  The other difference in the Local SEO versus the standard SEO is an Attorney in Los Angeles can achieve first page ranking on a search in a city outside of Los Angeles, but they can not get listed in the local map section for another city.  For example: A Los Angeles Family Attorney can not list in the map section for the search: Torrance Family Attorney with a Los Angeles office address.


 1. Go on to Google and verify your local Google+ account.  When you confirm your business account, it allows you to set up all your information so Google knows how to place your business on a local level. There are a number of factors Google will use when determining where to place your business when it comes to local search, but this a major factor which should be done right away.

2. Keep all listings perfectly detailed.  To gain local rankings you will want to have your business listed locally online.  Make sure all the listings carry the same information about your business or your local SEO strength will suffer.

3. Create unique and useful local content.   Everywhere you look on the internet people are explain how content is “King”.  This is true, but it should be written “Useful Content is King”.  Having content someone will want to read and learn from, is another factor Google takes into consideration when they determine where your law firms website is going to rank locally.

4. Build strong local links for your website.  For the past few years, in the world of SEO, law firms and other businesses were racing to get the most back links pointing at their websites because this was a major factor in high Google rankings.  Link building is still a major factor Google considers when ranking websites, but the difference after an algorithm change is quality versus quantity.  Google is not rewarding the websites with the highest number of links anymore.  They are looking for the websites with the best links.  Every website linking to you has a Google Page Rank grade.  You want the links aiming at your site to have a high Google Page Rank.  Google Page Ranks are scored 0-10.  The higher the rank, the better for your website.  You want to stay away from 0-2 Google Page Ranks.  Pages ranked 3-5 are good, pages ranked 6-7 are strong and pages ranked 8-10 are premium.  Find local links through local businesses, organizations, little leagues, schools, regional directories and local commerce sites to name a few.

5. Request online ratings and reviews from your clients.  Online ratings and reviews are also a contributing factor to what Google looks for when they decide who will rank high and low on specific searches.  The more ratings and reviews your law firm has, the more likely a high ranking for your practice.  Reviews draw people to your website and this helps increase traffic to your website which is another contributing factor to where Google ranks your firm locally.

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