Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

Direct Law Strategies is a full service internet marketing agency for Lawyers and Law Firms. We provide the following services:

Search Engine Optimization – This strategy requires work done on your website and off of your website to increase the rankings and visibility of your website on specific search engines searches. Learn More

Website Design – We have over 15 years of experience when it comes to designing law firm websites. We understand consumers behaviors are different for each the of lawyer and we design websites to generate leads/phone calls/emails  from visitors. Learn More

Social Media – Using social media to market yourself and your law firm is a must. 59% of Lawyers are using social media and 19% have said their social media presence has gained them a new client. Learn More

Pay-Per Click – Pay-Per Click marketing is the easiest way to generate leads right away on the internet.  It is not the most affordable way to get leads, but if you need leads NOW, Pay-Per Click is the way to go. Learn More

Blog & Content Marketing – 26% of lawyers/law firms have a blog.  Of these firms and lawyers 39% said they have received a new client from blogging.  Most attorneys don’t have time to blog or write additional content so they hire us! Learn More

Logo Design – Part of branding is establishing an image which starts with your logo.  A large number of Lawyers & Law Firms never create a Logo for themselves or their firm. We can help. Learn More

Video Marketing – When consumers are looking for an attorney to hire, they are generally looking at their images and trying to get a feel for their personality which means a lot to consumers.  Having a video on your website will make a difference in whether or not a visitor to your website decides to hire you or not. Learn More

Brand Management – Does your firm have a brand? Do people know who you are when they hear your name in legal circles?  If they don’t, it is probable because you have not become a brand yet.  Brand yourself and your firm and reap the rewards. Learn More

Reputation Management – What do people see when they Google your name? What do they see when they Google your Law Firms name or any of your  partners or associates?  This is where your online reputation begins and sometimes it is the difference in whether or not your firm or yourself is hired. Learn More

Mobile Marketing – More searches are happening today on mobile devices than desktop devices.  Have you ever looked at your website on your smartphone? How does it look? Have you ever seen ads on searches you did on your smartphone or when you are using free apps on your phone and you see ads.  We will get you there. Learn More