Search analysts have been anticipating it for quite some time and finally it has happened. Yes, mobile searches have exceeded PC searches. Google confirmed this news recently. Does this have an impact on your law website? Yes, it does.

Jerry Dischler, Vice President of Product Management for AdWords, said that in the US and Japan, the number of people using Google on smartphones has exceeded the number of people using it on tablets and desktops. He added that they are witnessing the same trend in 8 other countries; however, he didn’t name them.

Dischler admitted that they had finally hit an inflection point. Google had been anticipating this for several years. They had seen this coming and they have been exploring all possible ways to exploit this opportunity to their advantage.


Growing Popularity Of Mobile Searches

Google cannot ignore the growing popularity of mobile searches. The company made its billions by serving online ads to desktop users. When smartphones become more popular than desktop computers, it has become a make-or-break situation for the search giant. Google is still the number one player in the online advertising industry. However, the company’s average ad rates have been declining over the years and investors are worried about this development.

Meanwhile, Facebook is becoming a major player in online advertising, and several law firms are making use of this social media channel. Facebook makes most of its money from mobile ads. The growing popularity of mobile is good news for Facebook because it has a mobile-native advertising network.

Google, however, sees mobile in a new light. According to them, mobile is about reaching consumers all the time, no matter where they are. This makes it the ideal platform to serve a consumer who is ready to make a purchase or install an app. According to Dischler, there is more to mobile than apps. He does not believe in the existence of a purchase tunnel with a linear flow from top to bottom. In his opinion, it has been replaced by micro-moments.


Is Your Website Optimized For Google Searches

In order to help marketers reach consumers during these ‘micro-moments’, Google is promoting the use of responsive ad units that display neatly on all devices. The company has also launched a number of tools to help advertisers to monitor conversions across various devices. There are also some tools that help them monitor in-store visits that users make after clicking on their ads. This is the right time to make the shift and use mobile marketing to attract attention towards your law website – more people are looking for lawyers on their mobile phones than ever before!

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