The basic goal of having a strong online presence is to make it easier for people needing an attorney to find your firm’s website. Search engine optimization can help boost your website’s ranking on search results pages, but you can also use SEO to boost results with your social media sites. Optimizing your social sites will help your sites appear on the first page of search results and any keywords you use will rank faster than they would on just your website.

Optimizing for Social Searches

By optimizing your social sites, they will help you get to the top of most search engine results pages. One good way to do this is to optimize your posts on sites such as Facebook, Google +, and Pinterest. To boost search engine results, optimize your posts by using keywords for specific types of searches in the captions of videos or images. In addition, you can also optimize your profiles and provide links to them from your firm’s website.

Optimizing Pinterest

Although Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social sites, digital marketing experts often do not optimize it to help boost search engine rankings. Along with helping your brand rank well on results pages, optimizing this site also ranks keywords quickly on search engines and increases the likelihood for your firm to be found using Pinterest searches. If your firm doesn’t have a Pinterest board, then you should start an account to help boost your brand awareness.

By using targeted keywords in strategic places, you can make it easier for searchers to find your firm’s site, as well as increase your ranking on search results pages. Create different boards for the types of law your firm practices and use keywords in the names of those boards. Also, use keywords in the descriptions of boards, in the descriptions of pins and link to your boards from your website, such as in a blog post.

Optimizing Facebook

Every business, no matter what industry they are in, should have a Facebook account. Not only is it a place where you can share content from your website, but you can interact with clients and encourage them to review your firm. You can also add unique posts to your Facebook page using text, images, videos and other content.

Just as was done with Pinterest, one of the best ways to rank higher on search results pages is to use targeted keywords in your Facebook profile and within your posts. Always link back to your firm’s website in your profile and in any content you post on Facebook and add keywords to all captions and descriptions for videos and images. Both short and long-tail keywords should be used in content on your social sites.

Since Google + is similar to Pinterest, you should also use targeted keywords in your post descriptions on that site. By optimizing your social sites, as well as your firm’s website, you can dominate search engine results pages and find the clients you need to increase your firm’s profitability.