Facebook Pay-Per Click

What’s Facebook Pay-Per Click Marketing?

Facebook spent a number of years generating a large number of users on their robust social media network. With over a billion users worldwide, Facebook has become a major marketing tool for law firms. Their pay-per click marketing method has become increasingly popular for lawyers looking to target a specific demographic. With the traditional Google Pay-Per Click model, you are paying to put your law firm in front of people who are making specific searches with keywords related to the service your law firm offers. Facebook has developed a different model, where you can place your law office in front a specific group of people based on their age, gender, location, what they like and whether or not they know anyone who already “likes” your law firms Facebook Page.


Advantages for Lawyers

1. Define Your Demographic– You choose the demographic of who sees your ad. For example, if you are a Personal Injury Attorney and you want to target people who may have been in a motorcycle accident, you will set up an add targeting men and women 18-45, who “like” “riding Motorcycles”, “racing motorcycles”, “motorcycle stunts”, “motorcycle clubs”, and “motorcycles”. After you set up this demo, you design your ad to the attention of Motorcycle Riders and now, if they know someone who has been in an accident they might “like” you and call or maybe they will “like” your ad and business page because they know there is a chance they may be in an accident one day or a friend might and they will need a motorcycle accident attorney.


2. Protect Your Clicks– The law firm industry is very competitive and unfortunately there is “click fraud” where competitors of yours might seek out your ad on Google, Yahoo or Bing and click it a few times to cost you money. While these networks have systems in place to minimize this from happening, they are not 100% fraud proof. With Facebook , if your competition does not fit your designated demographic, they will never see your ad and you will not have to worry about the fraudulent clicks.


3. Interested Clicks– While Facebook Pay-Per Click doesn’t put your ads in front of people who are specifically seeking you out versus a Google search, so you can rest assured they will only click on your ad if they have an “interest” in your ad’s message. This raises the conversion rate for a Facebook Pay-Per Click campaign.




Facebook Pay-Per Click is very affordable in comparison to other pay-per click platforms. Depending on your law firm’s area of practice and the market you want to target, you might need to spend $5,000 a month on Google to gain visibility and generate a good number of leads. With Facebook, you can spend as little as you want to gain some visibility and clicks. Law offices who market on Facebook are paying as little as $.50 for a click in the Los Angeles Market. Certain areas of practice in the Los Angeles market will require law firms to spend at least $35 or more per click to show up on Google search results.


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