SEO For Lawyers Oakland

Eight or ten years ago, lawyers didn’t have much difficulty advertising their legal practice. Running an offline ad campaign was relatively easy. Word of mouth was another powerful medium to attract clients. But now the world is online. People who need to hire an attorney now search online. This makes it imperative that you have a commendable online presence. When people search for a law firm in Oakland, your site should be there in the search listings. But this will not be possible if your site is not optimized for search engines.

Almost 97% customers search online when they need to find a local business. So, if your site is not among the top ten search results, you will lose potential customers and income.

Most attorneys in Oakland have already built a website. But that is only the first step towards building an online presence. Once you have built a website, you need to optimize it for search engines. Search engine optimization relies on a number of long term strategies that will ensure that your site is visible in the first page of SERPs.

We are an SEO company offering online marketing and search engine optimization for law firms in Oakland. Our affordable law firm SEO services provide good return on investment for our lawyer clients by helping them attract qualified leads. We have helped numerous law firm websites to make it to the top ten results in search engines.

We get measurable results

Almost 90 percent of our lawyer clients have made it to the first page of SERPs for their most competitive keyword within 90 days. When you hire us, you will see the promised results within a specified timeframe.

There are several SEO companies that try to cheat search engines with the sole objective of making a quick buck. They will boost your site’s rankings by taking advantage of the temporary flaws in search engine algorithms. But this strategy will surely backfire in the long run. When search engines update their algorithms, you will not only lose your rankings, but may also get a penalty.

We don’t take shortcuts. Our SEO techniques are compatible with Google’s webmaster guidelines. As a result, we can give long lasting results to our clients.

Our guarantee

We let our service speak for itself. Our clients consistently rank in the top ten for their targeted keywords. Needless to say, they stick with us.

Here is our guarantee.

  • Increased traffic to your site: Our clients see an increase of at least 20 – 30% in traffic.
  • Improved rankings: Our clients make it to the top ten for their targeted keywords.

SEO for Lawyers in Oakland

Direct Law Strategies can help your legal practice website beat the competition and make it to the top. Call us today at 1-877-978-1035 to find out how we can improve your search rankings.  We will make a thorough analysis of your site and give a free review.