SEO For Mass Tort Litigation Lawyers In Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Chicago And Phoenix


To get your law firm to the top of Google search engine searches for specific mass tort litigations you need the Best SEO Practices and you need patience.  Our agency specializes in getting law firms ranked for all sorts of areas of practice. SEO for mass tort litigation lawyers is one of main areas of focus.  Many of our law firms are looking to rank for mass tort litigations such as:

  • Abilify
  • Bair Hugger
  • Essure
  • Hernia Mesh
  • Hip (Metal On Metal)
  • IVC Filters
  • Onglyza
  • Risperdal
  • Round Up
  • Talcum Powder
  • Taxotere
  • Transvaginal Mesh
  • Viagra
  • Xarelto

With these ongoing litigations and many more, it is important for law firms who want to be involved in these litigations to have good representation on Google searches to help drive calls from potential clients to their offices. We like to compare SEO to a marathon and making investments, while we consider PPC (Pay-Per Click) more of gambling, which does pay off for our clients.  When you are in a marathon race you must keep a steady pace and understand more importantly it takes time to get to the finish line but once you arrive it has all been well worth the wait.  Same holds true for making an investment.  When you buy stocks it always takes time for the stocks to mature and really make the investment you made worth every dollar invested.  There are a number of factors that come into play when we consult our clients on a SEO campaign versus a PPC campaign and often times our clients end up doing both. SEO for mass tort litigation lawyers is a competitive field but we have the experience, proven track record and know how to get our clients phones ringing and new cases/clients retaining their law firm.

Google’s algorithm is changing all the time and when your law firm wants to gain ground and high rankings on Google with your website it is vital you hire the right company.  All markets are very challenging and the bigger the market, the more challenging it will take to achieve the high rankings you are looking to gain with the law firms website.  We already have numerous law firms ranking on the first page of Google for their desired keywords in Los Angeles which is the toughest market for a law firm to gain high rankings considering the mass amounts of competition.


Google owns over 65% of the search share and this number in reality is probably much higher. While Google will never come out and give a road map on how to get your website to their first page, there are analytics and plenty of data available for a smart team of web programmers and seo architects to study and research so we can implement these studies into our clients accounts and gain them the top rankings and large amounts of search volume they are looking for through the internet to help them build and grow their law firm practices. For law firms focused on mass tort litigations the secret sauce isn’t very different.  We utilize all of our clients excellence performance on rankings with Google searches to our new clients advantage. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to our new clients who want to do seo for mass tort litigations. If there is a specific mass tort litigation you would like to retain cases for, give us a call and we can discuss all the different options available for your law firm.


As an attorney, you are surrounded by competition in your city, county and state let alone the building your office occupies. Our SEO team knows what it takes to get you to the page of a Google search. Perception is reality in the eyes of consumers.  When you are on the first page of Google this means a lot to the consumer.  It tell them you are a good attorney because Google wouldn’t show them your website on page one if you were not a good attorney.

“I had a client drive 2 hours to hire me because she saw me on the first page of the Google search and told me she was making the drive because I was the best.”  – Quote By One Of Our Clients On Page One In Los Angeles


Make no mistake about what we can do for you from afar.  We are located in Century City, California and have clients across the nation.  Our foot print is wide and we don’t need to be near by to give you the customer service you deserve, but more importantly the results and high rankings you need. We provide proven law firm SEO strategies to our clients – SEO for mass tort litigation lawyers Los Angeles, SEO for mass tort litigation lawyers Chicago, SEO for mass tort litigation lawyers New York, SEO for mass tort litigation lawyers Houston and in many other cities.

Give us a call and let’s talk about your current keyword rankings.  It’s a free consultation at 1-877-978-1035.