Law firms have a lot of business to focus on when it comes to PPC management. In Google AdWords, keywords connected or related to lawyers and attorneys are the most costly. According to analysts, law firms spend between $50,000 to $100,000 on PPC. There are PPC management strategies that law firms can use as they go against others in the increasing AdWords competition.


Stage 1: Build a Budget

Building a solid budget is the first stage in initiating a PPC strategy.  Law firms truly have to pay to play and stay in the game. First, find out if PPC is suitable for the law firm. If the firm wants to move forward and make the investment, it must think of the business goals, strategy, and budget. PPC should make sense to the business itself.

For example, if there is a $1,000 budget and each click is worth $50; that means you will only receive 20 clicks. You have to ask yourself, “Is it worth spending $1,000 for 20 clicks?” If you have a website with a 5% conversion rate and you spend $1,000 per day on keywords worth approximately $50, that is at least 1 conversion each day. If a conversion is valued less than $1,000, then PPC does not make sense for your goals.  If the single conversion has a value more than what you spend (in this case $1,000), then PPC can make sense for you. If the conversion was $50,000 after signing up a new client, then the ROI of the $1,000 is 4,900%.

SERP real estate and branding are two other goals the law firm should focus on when establishing a PPC campaign. A new law firm will want to be noticed and it may do so by dispersing advertisements to be seen by possible clientele. Additionally, if it is a well-known law firm that is ranking well on the SERP and Google Places, PPC advertisements can be the key to have all the real estate over the SERP.


Stage 2: Know the Most Favorable Keywords

Knowing how to pick the right keywords can be a hit and miss. All campaigns are different, and you have to garner enough data. Hiring a PPC manager helps bring knowledge and experience. If the law firm is doing this on their own, then they must:

1.) Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner to look over traffic and the cost of each click of each keyword. Typing the URL will help the Planner find suitable keywords.

2.) Use third-party tools like Spyfu which offers up keywords used by the rest of the competition.

3.) Segment search campaigns.

4.) Use long-tail keywords that are cheaper than one or two-worded core terms.

5.) Make long-tail keywords with geo-qualifiers.


Stage 3: Become and Remain Relevant

Increasing landing page relevance and making relevant ad copy betters a law firm’s PPC management. The landing page relevance is the page the advertisement sends visitors to and matches what the ad says. A keyword that is clicked on leads to a page describing that keyword. The best things to do are:

  • Ÿ  Add the keyword to the advertisement
  • Ÿ  Make sure a call-to-action phrase such as, “Call right now!” can be used
  • Ÿ  Put an incentive such as something complimentary
  • Ÿ  Use ad extensions like Sitelinks