Digital presence uccess is driven by content. If you want to see results, make sure you have these five elements covered.


#1 – Analyze your current data

Not enough can be said about analyzing your data. Your data includes more than just what you have collected off your site and ad campaigns, you need to also stay on top of your market trends.


#2 – Define your user needs

Your user needs include how they will interact with a site, what content engages them, how they find you and what they are looking for. This isn’t about what you want them to do, but understanding how they already behave. Meet that need, and then you can engage to direct traffic to perform your action.


#3 – Invest in your SEO

Everyone knows they need SEO, but few people follow through with an investment in it that equals what they expect to get back. That investment doesn’t always have to be monetary; the biggest investment you can make is time. You need someone who can stay on top of the SEO changes and trends, analyze your current SEO performance and manage your campaigns. Make sure you have a clear idea of who is going to perform all of these duties.


#4 – Use measurements

This is one of the most important items on your checklist – getting the measurements in place. You can use AdWords or any of the 3rd party trackers to make sure you can measure visitor behavior on your site. Only by putting measurements in place can you determine what the outcome of using a particular type of content has been. It isn’t as simple as just tracking clicks to know if a video works, but measuring every possible aspect of interaction to determine the patterns of engagement you have with different types of media.


#5 – Live by your outcomes

The most common problem businesses have is changing their strategy as they receive the outcomes from their measurements. Measurements are put in place so you can change, don’t cling to an idea that isn’t working. Analytics are going to provide you with the fastest way to ensure your content reaches its full potential and gets the results you want.


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