TV & Cable Advertising For Lawyers

Capture New Clients & Cases With Creative TV Ads -Target Demos

For a lot of law firms TV advertising campaigns are a great way to reach their target clients.  With TV advertising you have the ability position your law firm in front of a specific demographic you want to be aware of your law firm.  This allows you to cater a very specific message to a particular audience.  For example, a law firm who is looking for men 18-34 who have been prescribed a specific drug which has settled a large claim in the courts would want to run TV ads on stations such as ESPN, FX, Spike & Fox Sports.  These are stations dominated by  a male audience in the targeted demographic of 18-34.  The other advantage to TV is you can also pick specific TV shows to run your ads during which allows you to dig even deeper into a specific demographic.  This is a huge advantage when it comes to advertising on TV and Cable Networks.  If your law firm is not targeting a specific demographic you can also find clients through a TV advertising campaign.

Every TV campaign we planning and execute for our clients is different.  We always start with a free consultation to get a good feel for our clients objectives.  After our consultation, if not during, we are able to outline projections you can expect from the type of TV campaign you have in mind based on your target demo, budget, market(s) you want to advertise in, length of campaign and what type of creative you have in mind.  To schedule a free consultation with us please call 1-888-978-1035.

Our TV Advertising Campaign Process

Unsure about advertising on TV? Direct Law Strategies TV advertising team has over 13 years experience in the media buying and planning industry.  Your TV advertising campaign will be safe and successful with our support and execution members leading the way. Before we can plan and execute a media buy for any of our clients we have to do a number of things:

  1. Free Consultation – During the consultation we will discuss what area of your practice we are going to advertise on TV.  We will also want to find out from you who is the targeted demographic for your service.  We want to make sure if you are running a campaign for women who had TVM Revision surgery, your ads won’t run on male dominated programming. 
  2. Research Service– After we have discovered your goals and the target client/case your firm is looking to retain we will do our own additional research to help us come up with the best message for the creative (commercial script/production).
  3. Media Planning– After we have done our research we will use our market and media research to find the best TV stations in the market(s) you want to advertise in with the highest volume of viewers falling in the targeted demographic.

After all our research and planning has been completed we will layout the best options for your campaign given your budget.  During our consultation we will also make recommendations based on the information you have shared with us.  We are a full service advertising agency with all the necessary resources and experience to make your TV Advertising campaign successful.

Call us today and schedule your free consultation regarding advertising on TV at 1-877-978-1035.