Video Blogging

Use Videos to Create a More Interesting Website Experience for Your Firm

In order to keep visitors returning to your website, your firm’s website needs to have interesting content. When most people pull up a webpage and see nothing but written content, it can be overwhelming and they will usually leave your page. Adding images, graphics, podcasts and videos will help to make your site appear more interesting to your visitors.

Why Should You Use Videos?

One way to keep web visitors on your webpage, and give you a better chance at converting them to clients, is to allow them to interact with your site. Interactions can be in the form of listening to audio files, reading content, filling out surveys or watching video blogs. An interactive sight creates a more interesting experience for your web visitors, makes them more likely to return to your site and share your information on social media.

Creating a Video Blog

Just like a written blog, a video blog is designed to share information with your web visitors. In order to create good video blogs for your site, you should:

  • Know your audience
  • Create visually interesting videos
  • Choose how to distribute your video blog

Know Your Audience

In order to create an informative blog that will be interesting to your viewers, you need to know your audience. Who is most likely to be interested in the content of your blog? Are you looking to attract new clients or is the information for people in the legal field?

Once you know who your target audience is for your video blog, you can decide which issues to address in your videos. If your videos are designed to attract new clients, you can create videos about your legal services, address legal issues that may affect them and introduce the people at your firm your clients may need to know.

Create Visually Interesting Videos

Remember how boring your college courses were when a professor just stood at the front of the class and droned on about the subject matter? You need avoid doing that in your videos. Instead, break up the video content with graphics like bullet pointed lists of information or images pertinent to the information you are speaking about. Use a natural background in your office, dress professionally and use a nice speaking voice with inflections to keep your audience tuned in to what you are saying.

Choose How to Distribute Your Video Blog

Along with posting your videos on your website, choose other ways to distribute them as well. Start a channel on YouTube or Vine that interested parties may subscribe to in order to watch each video you post. Post them to your Facebook page or share the link on Twitter. This will help increase your web visitors, which is necessary if you want your business to expand.

A good video blog has shareable content, is designed for your target audience and helps to draw traffic to your website. They are easy to create and can help you find the clients you need to expand your firm.