Anyone that is familiar to how Google runs knows the many alterations that are made on the search engine. Recently, Google has made new changes to the algorithms. The algorithms on Google are named after animals. Hummingbird, Panda, and Penguin are some of the code names used to specify the algorithms. First, let’s start off with Hummingbird.



Hummingbird, which was created back in October 2013, was the most recent algorithm from Google. Out of the three algorithms, Hummingbird looks for what the users want and expects some of the queries that are typed. The suggestions made after typing a letter or two is caused by this sophisticated algorithm. Additionally, Hummingbird looks at the user’s location, interests, and search history. It allows the user to type questions instead of simply typing the keywords.


Panda has been doing a spectacular job, especially with the changes made from 2011. Extra, unnecessary “information” that would be at the top of a search, but really should have been discarded, has been pushed down or thrown out thanks to Panda.


Penguin made its first appearance in 2012. This algorithm reprimands websites that simply stuff keywords in their pages for ranking purposes. The action these websites took falls under the category of  “black hat” Search Engine Optimization. It should be avoided.


Tips to Follow

Out of the trio improved algorithms, Hummingbird seems to do the trick for law firms marketing their webpages. It makes searching for companies better for Google users. Also, it is said that Hummingbird makes using voice commands to search for companies easier. In order to use the advantages of Hummingbird, here are some tips to follow:

1.) Continue to use SEO tactics

Keep using keywords; just realize that Hummingbird won’t be using them as much as before. Don’t simply focus on ranking high.




2.) Bring Worthy, Well-Written Content

Promote and market the business properly by writing high-quality work that focuses on the specialty or subject at hand. This will bring more visitors to your website and promote the brand.


3.) Use Google Authorship

Using Google Authorships will allow verified owners to post their work and show proof that you are the “real deal”.


There is a lot to be said for the different algorithms and the best way to protect your law firms website is to make sure you are hiring a company who is operating in good faith and keeps track of what Google is looking for in good search engine optimization.