Law firms know the importance of marketing themselves and letting the public know how their services can help. One of the ways law firms market themselves is through the internet. Unfortunately, many of these law firms aren’t aware that aside from creating “about pages” with their contact information, blogging should be utilized. Some firms feel it is too informal to use blogging, but there are many advantages as to why blogging is a must.

Objectives for Law Firms Posting Blogs

Lawyers and other professionals of the firm should know what they want to achieve. Creating blog posts should be unique and noticeable enough that they can catch a prospective client. Before posting a blog for the world to see, review some of the reasons why blogging can be beneficial.

1. More Keywords Equals More Visitors

Like a bee is attracted to a flower, law firms will want to make blogs to attract new clientele. Anyone setting up a website knows the importance of having traffic. The question is: how does one attract visitors? There are a few ways to do this. One way is through the means of Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO.

SEO is identifying and aiming keywords in the blog posts. As a law firm, the professionals will want their blog to be at the top of a search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc.). The reason is to have more and more possible clients see what is offered by the firm. Content creation is very valuable as it can reward blog owners more indexed pages. The better the ranking is of the website, the more readers will turn into potential clients.

2. Exhibit Your Credibility & Authority On Subjects

Showing how much knowledge and experience a law firms holds can attract new clients and make them feel at ease. Additionally, it can show how committed lawyers are about their work. 78% of consumers believe that high-quality content shows how interested and professional a law firm can be; 60% of consumers believe custom content allows them to feel assured about what the company offers.

3. Generate New and Returning Clientele 

Law firms know if they win a case for their client, a referral is sure to come somewhere down the road. Post your blogs on a constant frequency. As a result, this will have the potential client wanting to come back and learn more. This also shows the seriousness and commitment as a law professional. Education mixed with nurturing will help build amiable relationships and bring in clients that were recommended by past customers.

4. Allow People to Know How Valuable the Services Are

By blogging about relevant topics, blogging creates a deep understanding, knowledge, and experience that future clients will need. Write about interesting subjects and be able to form solutions. Linking other pages that pertain to the topics can help persuade readers to seek services.

5. Attract Readers Who Are Truly Interested

When blogging is done the right way, issues that are discussed in the posts will get the readers’ attention. A descriptive, well-written blog with guidance only a veteran attorney can give can make readers want to share the posts. Sharing the posts can attract more views to the blog. So, allow them to be able to share on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. In return, this can increase the blog’s ranking on search engines. Very little to no cost compared to old-fashioned advertising.

6. Write about What You Know

Establishing a professional brand will attract people to want to call you for legal help. Write about experiences, and not something you have little to no knowledge of. If a post is set up correctly on the webpage, then it will surely attract new clients easily. That is how businesses sell their products. Talk about situations that people can relate to, and it will show how much you truly know.