Content marketing is all about creating content that can engage people and encourage them to be your customers. Social media is for promoting your content, whereas SEO is for improving your law firm’s performance in search results.

In the early days of the internet, you only had to create content, but today you need to promote it using all possible means. Search engines are the number one source of traffic for most websites. Now social signals have started affecting search rankings. Content marketing will no longer deliver the desired results if you ignore SEO and social media. And when you manage to get the three elements working in sync, you will build your online reputation and acquire more clients.

As we have already seen, search, content, and social marketing are interlinked and hence you should pay attention to each one of them. There is no point in trying to measure your success on the basis of outdated metrics. Instead, you should take a practical approach to how the various channels (social, search, and content) help you realize your common business goals such as revenue. There is no point in counting page views or likes if they do not lead to conversions.

How to improve your content performance

It is high time you stopped looking at content, social, and search as separate marketing strategies. Today, your marketing strategy should incorporate all three of them. Create a ‘search, content, and social super-group’ and work towards achieving a common objective. Identify platforms where potential clients are more likely to engage with your content.

Create, test, and refine. Post law-related content on social networks. Create content in text, image, and video variations. Analyze their performance on social media and SERPs. Share content about topics of interest. Keep in mind that each one of these three elements can amplify the reach of others. For example, content that performs well on social media is also likely to enjoy high rankings in search results. Polish your strategies on a regular basis.

Track key performance indicators which align with your objectives. You should know how your content helps you achieve your business goals. Make sure that your marketing efforts are synced with your CRM systems. This way you will be able to see what impact your content has on your final business outcomes.

It’s really easy to improve the performance of your marketing strategies when they are interlinked to each other.